Why Durex condoms are so safe?

In the Durex manufacturing factories, every condom is electronically tested. Furthermore, from each batch produced, a sample of condoms is picked at random to undergo rigourous quality tests.

Not only the thickness and length are measured but the sampled condoms also go through an air inflation test to check their strength and elasticity.

Tests have shown that typically a Durex condom can hold 40 liters of air without bursting!

In comparison, the international quality standard for the air bursting test is for a condom to be able to contain 18 liters of air without blowing up.

A Durex condom can expand to contain 40 liters of air which is well beyond international regulatory norms.

The staff of Durex also carries out water leak tests to ensure that they are waterproof. The samples of condoms are filled with water and suspended for one minute before being rolled on a blotting paper to detect any leakage.

On average, approximately 2 million water tests are held every month in Durex factories.

If a sample fails any of these tests, Durex will reject the whole batch. Such high levels of quality explain why Durex is safe and has become the world’s No.1 brand for condoms.

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