New Freeman Beauty Mask

New Freeman beauty masks

Freeman cosmetics have expanded the range of their beauty masks with four new ones for both ladies and gentlemen.

Each of these beauty masks can be easily applied on the face.

You can peel it off after only 10 minutes and the benefits are great.

Freeman Green Tea +Orange Blossom peel-off gel mask uses the antioxidant properties of Green Tea extract, Orange Blossom and Vitamin C to help minimize dark spots and refine the pores of the skin.

Your face will feel radiant!

Freeman Cucumber + Pink Salt Clay mask contributes to clear the pores of the skin and has a detoxifying effect. The pink salts which come from the Himalaya and the Cucumber extract will also smooth the skin, leaving it rejuvenated.

Freeman Manuka Honey + Tea Tree Clay Mask & Cleanser is ideal for an oily skin as it will help absorb the excess oil without drying the face. This beauty mask also acts as a cleanser, purifying the pores.

Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Mud Mask has minerals collected from the Dead Sea which have a ‘nourishing’ effect, making the skin feel soft. Moreover, the activated Charcoal locks onto the oils and toxins, gently removing them away without disturbing the skin. Finally, the Black Sugar helps the skin retains its hydration.

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