The impact of technology and smartphones on sexual life

What impact have technology and smartphones on the bedroom activities of couples while they are on vacation?
A recent survey on People’s holiday sexpectations’ carried out by the leading condom brand Durex on 2 000 adults and released in May 2016, unveiled that a fifth of them said that their phones and tablets get in the way of their sex life.

Furthermore, 15% admitted that they have less sex on holiday than they do at home because of technology.
40% responded that they are less likely to instigate sex if their partner is on their phone in bed.
Moreover, more than a quarter of the persons interviewed added that checking phones on holiday can cause rows. 59% added that they, their partner or both, spent too much time on the screen and 72 respondents even revealed that they used their phone during sex!

Volker Sydow, Global Director at Durex, stated that holidays used to be a time to relax and reconnect with our partner. However, this experiment has shown us that growing reliance on portable technology for entertainment and affirmation, even when on holiday, is blocking our chance to refresh our relationships. Durex is calling on couples to take a break from their tech whilst on holiday and enjoy touching their partner rather than their phone.

Help stop hair fall and stimulate hair growth

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