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SunVit-D3 range of products now available

SunVit-D3 is an excellent source of vitamin D3. Available in a variety of pack sizes and dosages – (400 IU, 800 IU, 1000 IU, 2000 IU & 3000 IU). Kindly click on the link below for more information regarding the products: www.sunvitd3.co.uk

New Freeman Beauty Mask

New Freeman beauty masks Freeman cosmetics have expanded the range of their beauty masks with four new ones for both ladies and gentlemen. Each of these beauty masks can be easily applied on the face. You can peel it off after only 10 minutes and the benefits are great. –Freeman Green Tea +Orange Blossom peel-off […]

International Conferencing on Diabetes

Unicorn (MSJ Limited) one of the co-sponsors of an international conference on diabetes and associated diseases Our company, Unicorn (MSJ limited) is actively engaged in the promotion of wellbeing in the Mauritian society, in line of our motto. One of the latest initiatives in this domain was to be among the sponsors an international conference […]

HealthAid Aromatherapy

The benefits of aromatherapy Every living plant has a force within its various parts (flowers, leaves, roots). This life force can be extracted into the form of essential oil. Since ancient times, essential oils are used for their therapeutic properties for the body and mind. Each essential oil possesses specific qualities and when inhaling its […]

The main products of Supplements SA and their benefits

Supplements SA products are not only for athletes or bodybuilders wishing to develop their muscular mass but also for those looking forward to lose weight. Supplements SA consists of several lines of products, each adapted to satisfy a specific need. The main products of Supplements SA are:   Massive Muscle MASSIVE MUSCLE is a high […]

Why is Cod Liver Oil so important?

Cod liver oil offers many benefits to health. According to historical books, in Great Britain as early as 1789, Dr Darbey who carried on medical practice in Manchester, used it to help treat rheumatism. Furthermore, as from 1824, cod liver oil became a proven remedy against rickets, a disorder which can cause bones to soften […]

Vitamin C is not produced by the human body

The cold temperature is setting in throughout Mauritius. Our Meteorological Services have pointed out the winter season will last up to October this year. Its director, R. Mungra stated in a press conference that on some occasions, it is most likely that minimum temperature may drop to near 12 degrees Celsius especially during July and […]

Supplement SA Products

Supplements SA, quality supplements for sportsmen and sportswomen Unicorn (MSJ Limited) is distributing through pharmacies all over Mauritius, the products of the leading South African company, Supplements SA. Since its launch in 1999, Supplements SA has earned a strong reputation in the manufacture of quality supplements for the nutrition of sportsmen and sportswomen as well […]

Freeman Beauty Mask

Freeman Beauty masks Freeman Beauty masks come from Los Angeles in the United States of America. These peel-off masks contain super nutrients that have been extracted from nature! There is a range of Freeman masks (Avocado & Oatmeal clay mask, Cucumber mask, Pomegranate Revealing mask) offering different advantages for the skin. They are suited to […]