Protect yourself against the dangerous UV rays of the sun

According to the World Health Organisation, exposure to the sun can cause various skin cancers and accelerated skin aging.

The ultra violet (UV) rays of the sun can be dangerous especially during the summer months during the 4-hour period around noon. The intensity of the UV rays is then the highest.

To protect the body against them, SVR laboratories from France have developed a range of suncare products. They can be used over the parts of the body that are not covered by clothing. Above all, SVR suncare products are recommended by dermatologists.

SVR 50 Compact is available in 3 shades (light beige, sandy beige, golden beige). This product which has a powdery finish, is oil-free and easy to apply. Moreover, it is water and sweat resistant.

SVR 50 Compact not only offers a high protection against UV rays but also aesthetic benefits as it helps to hide imperfections of the skin of the face.

Another flagship of SVR suncare range is the SVR 50 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen which is intended for those having a normal to very dry sensitive screen.

The SVR laboratory was created in 1962 by a couple of visionary French pharmacists, Simone and Robert Veret. They used leading active ingredients at the highest possible dosage without affecting skin tolerance. The resulting products deliver unrivalled skin care in terms of effectiveness and tolerance.

Today, the SVR brand has become a reference in beauty dermatological products.